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Swissway Machining Ltd. today serves a wide spectrum of customers.

From high volume electronic components, to the precision exacting aerospace industry, Swissway has made a significant contribution as a steadfast supplier of high quality custom made machined components.

Phone:     1-905-944-8855
Address:   161 Don Park Road
                  Markham, ON L3R 1C2
E -mail:     mail@swissway.ca
Established in 1964, by Art Artinian, Swissway Machining Ltd. is a leader in the precision machining industry in Canada. From minute timing assemblies to large components, Swissway  Machining serves a wide spectrum of customers.

In the years since, Swissway Machining has taken great strides in reaching superior standards and a diamond reputation in manufacturing for the electronic, aerospace, and high-tech industries.

More recently, under the direction of Hagop Artinian, Swissway Machining has become a key producer of components for the medical industry in the field of ground breaking resuscitative devices.

We are committed to excellence in quality, innovative ideas in manufacturing and dedicated to provide the best customer service.


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